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Direct Importer of Used Engines & Transmissions from Japan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does 'JDM' stand for?

A: It stands for Japanese Domestic Market. The term is used by companies in Japan to refer to the local market for domestic goods and services, as opposed to the international, non-Japanese market. Within the automotive industry, this term most commonly refers to Japanese-brand automobiles and parts designed and constructed to conform to Japanese vehicle and equipment regulations and to suit Japanese market preferences.  


Q: Why do Japanese engines have low mileage?

A: All Japanese vehicles must pass a strict inspection every 2-3 years called 'Shaken'. As vehicles get older, maintaining them at the standards required by the shaken can become expensive. This is because beyond the tuner scene, most Japanese do not get involved in mechanical repairs, and as a result, mechanics can charge high prices. Also driving a car in Japan can get expensive with tolls & parking fees. Most Japanese rely of public transportation to get around. As a result many low-mileage cars which are still in grood condition are sold to scrap yards. The cars are then dismantled for export worldwide.. For more information on the Shaken inspection click here.